PunBB دابه‌زاندنی

به‌خێر بێیت بۆ دابه‌زاندنی PunBB! . بۆ دابه‌زاندنی مه‌كۆی PunBB ده‌بێت هه‌موو خانه‌ پێویسته‌كان پر بكه‌یته‌وه‌. .

Install PunBB 1.2

Database setup

Please enter the requested information in order to setup your database for PunBB. You must know all the information asked for before proceeding with the installation.

Select your database type

PunBB currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. If your database of choice is missing from the drop-down menu below, it means this PHP environment does not have support for that particular database. More information regarding support for particular versions of each database can be found in the FAQ.

PunBB has detected that your PHP environment supports two different ways of communicating with MySQL. The two options are called standard and improved. If you are uncertain which one to use, start by trying improved and if that fails, try standard.

Enter your database server hostname

The address of the database server (example: localhost, db.myhost.com or You can specify a custom port number if your database doesn't run on the default port (example: localhost:3580). For SQLite support, just enter anything or leave it at 'localhost'.

ناونی بنكه‌ی دراوه‌ بنووسه‌

The name of the database that PunBB will be installed into. The database must exist. For SQLite, this is the relative path to the database file. If the SQLite database file does not exist, PunBB will attempt to create it.

نازناوی بنكه‌ی دراوه‌ وه‌ ووشه‌ی تێپه‌ربوون بنووسه‌

Enter the username and password with which you connect to the database. Ignore for SQLite.

Enter database table prefix

If you like you can specify a table prefix. This way you can run multiple copies of PunBB in the same database (example: foo_).

دابه‌زاندنی به‌رێوه‌به‌ری گشتی

Please enter the requested information in order to setup an administrator for your PunBB installation

نازناوی به‌رێوه‌به‌ری گشتی

ئێوه‌ به‌رێوه‌به‌ری گشتی ئه‌م مه‌كۆیه‌ن. ده‌توانیت به‌رێوه‌به‌ر و چاودێر زیاد بكه‌یت. نازناو ده‌بێت له‌ 2 تا 25 پیت بێت.

ووشه‌ی نهێنی به‌رێوه‌به‌ر

ووشه‌ی نهێنی له‌ 4 تا 16 پیت بێت. .

‌پۆستی ئه‌لیكترۆنی به‌رێوه‌به‌ر‌

پۆستی ئه‌لیكترۆنی به‌رێوه‌به‌ری مه‌كۆ.

ناونیشانی مه‌كۆكه‌ت

The URL (without trailing slash) of your PunBB forum (example: http://forum.myhost.com or http://myhost.com/~myuser). This must be correct or administrators and moderators will not be able to submit any forms. Please note that the preset value below is just an educated guess by PunBB.

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